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For doing meditation you don’t have to have a mind that is absolutely still, to begin with. Stillness will come as a result of meditation practice. Give yourself sufficient time to practice and learn it.


How do you learn anything that is new? E.g cooking or anything else.

Do you master it right away or practice it to get better? and do you get better and better at it by practicing more or you get worse?

That is the same for meditation. Practice & practice and the use of some advanced tools that I have personally applied will allow you to get deeper and deeper in a meditative state and allow you benefit from it.


Sign up for the next batch for a group meditation session. Some benefits are -

  • Let go past

  • Create your desired life

  • Access your superpower

  • End the mind chatter

  • Get balance in different aspects of your life

  • Access higher intelligence 


Learn individually or in a group. 

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