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Competition is so needless!

My daughter has been steadily progressing in her ballet class from past 6+ years. However in the last one year, things changed dynamically for her, when her classes shifted to an online platform.

What changed in this mode for her? what was different for her?

In an online class, one obvious advantage was that she couldn't see others except her teacher so much. That means

-she stopped looking at her friends to know what to do and what is correct. That means she finally started accessing her own knowing.

-she lost sight of what were her friends doing, how were they doing their steps, and how are they in comparison to her. That means she could just focus on her own performance and how she can improve it. That also removed all the distractions and reference points of where she was in the class.

In a very very subtle way this is still competition. Which was obviously coming in her way.

Founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas says NO to competition, instead he recommends out creation.

Competition means someone has to be better than you or someone has to be less than you. It is about where are you in comparisons to others.

Out creation on the other hand is self progress that truly has no reference point of what is possible for you. When one looks at self and say how do I get better than what I am now that is out creation.

Competition could easily lead to low self esteem, self criticism, and one loosing their own goal. In competition there is self judgement, lack of self love and attitude of what do I don't have.

Out creation has attitude of gratitude and looking at how can it get greater.

Competition has boundaries.

out creation has no boundary.

Do we need to see others and compare ourselves with them to see where are we in life?

If we all are different and have our unique contribution to be in the universe then where is the need to be like each other or better than each other. We can just be ourselves.

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