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Fear is a Jail

People who have fear are not only limiting themselves they sometimes use it to limit others too.

This happened, I was talking to a group of neighbors about their fear and phobia about animals. I realized in the course of discussion that none of them were willing to drop it or even attempt to lose it. They either bought the idea that it can not be changed or many didn't feel a need for it. In fact I sensed that some of them felt actually right about having it.

In short, I was talking to a bunch of people who have not realized that fear is limiting. Not only that fear stops from moving freely on roads or just about anywhere, it also creates chemical and emotional response in them that is not beneficial to them. Plus when they are are fearful and terrified around animals, animals sense it and often exhibit a behavior that adds to their misery. And this misery is not limited to just them. Often as a result of their limitations they end up creating discomfort, displacement, situations that lead to abuse to animals and others around them too. This isn't helping anyone.

It creates nothing but pain and suffering and yet people hold on to it. May be they are too afraid to come out of their comfortable zone.

Then I realized

Let's take it from there and look at our lives. Isn't fear dominating and damaging our lives everywhere!

1. A person who is afraid to lose his partner uses judgements as a way to control and make the partner feel less about themselves. Both suffer! 2. People who have fear of losing money don't even use their money to live well. It is self abuse and I am sure money feels suffocated too :). 3. Mother who is afraid that her child may fail doesn't even allow the child to find herself. Abuse for both. 4. Individuals who have fear of failure never even quit the boring job that they have in pursuit of something that they truly enjoy doing. Abuse! 5. Fear of people or fear of being rejected by others will stop you from having relationships! abuse! .... well this can go on

Imagine you life without fear. Wouldn't it be awesome to be fearless stout of the town. Go for it.

How to work on fear? There are many self help tools available in today's world. In Access Consciousness we say fear is never real and there is potency underneath it. You may now choose to stay fearful for life or eliminate fear and choose freedom and possibilities. I have personally benefited from Access Bars.

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