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Self love

Based on my experience I can say that journey to selflove may not be an easy one or a linear one 🤣. It is extremely rewarding though. It starts when we empty our own cup and when we have full cup we know we have arrived. Keep working, enjoy your journey and never grown complacent. It is birth of a new you.

Here are few of the resources that helped me and they are still helpful.

1. Access Bars: it removed old redundant programs that where not serving me on this journey. It also helped me to reduce the emotional baggage and triggers. Loads of clarity about life and self in general, in a very simple way is presented in Access consciousness workshops. Overall Access Bars and Tools of consciousness have been a great contributers.

2. Guidance and support from beings of light, spirit guides, higher self. Through tarot readings, intutive downloads and akashic readings.

3. Letting go of karmic baggage and choices made in the past.

4. Taking care of the body, yes you can't leave your body in this journey. Happy Mouth Regenerative therapy, Access Body processes, yoga, eating what body requires, homeopathy for the body. Everything contributed immensely.

5. Treasure of wisdom. Grateful to these authors who have put together their learnings and awareness in these books.

*Living beyond distractions by Gary Douglas,

*embodiment manual by Dr dain heer

*Living beyond distractions by Gary Douglas

*Divorceless relationship by Gary Douglas,

*Sex is not a four letter word by Gary Douglas,

*Being you changing the world by Dr dain heer,

*C G Jung development of personalities,

*The dark side of light chasers by Debbie Ford,

*non violent communication by Marshall B Rosenberg,

*Autobiography of a yogi- Paramhansa Yogananda

Many more.

6. Shadow work: facing our shadow side is the greatest way to get lighter.

Jung believed the shadow holds repressed thoughts and feelings, not all of which are necessarily "bad": "Jung believed that positive traits could be held in the shadow if those parts of ourselves were invalidated or minimized by others, leading us to repress those parts of ourselves.

7. Meditation and self reflection

8. Mirror exercise

9. Ancestor healing

Many more. There is joy in discovering the real self. Rewards are sweet too.

Comment what would like me to share?

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