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Delete buttons to the old reality and access to infinite possibilities

What’s Access Bars?


Did you ever wish there was a delete button for all of the problems in your life?


Access Bars is that delete button. There are 32 points in bars, which when lightly touched start releasing limiting factors in different areas of life. These limiting factors that are released in bars are the roots of our problems, normal & mediocre life. Releasing them opens up a lot of possibilities, life becomes greater and life happens with ease, joy, and glory.  Many people around the world practice bars, and they have changed their lives dynamically, healed their body, finances, relationships, business and so much more. 


Bars are extremely beneficial for children too. Many of them who receive bars start getting better grades, are clear in their head, and calmer when they approach the critical teenage, adult phase. 


Access Bars heal, science says that when cells are subjected to stress and trauma they deform and are no longer healthy and spherical. This is the sign of impending disease, problem, and pain. Receiving bars has a very healing effect on the cells of the body. Many people have healed their illness just by practicing bars. On the other side, those who practice bars regularly, rarely fall sick. 


People who feel stuck in their life or traumatized in a relationship have found Bars immensely beneficial. Bars gives them clarity, capacity to be different, and it also opens ways and avenues that were closed.

I often tell people, invest in learning Access Bars. It is a tool for your life. Using it is so damn easy. The process of touching bars and dissipation is often referred to as running bars. When you run bars on others they run on you too. You get your bars run too. How does it get any better than this? you can run bars on yourself too.

Anything you desire in your life. Just choose and get your bars run

Anything you would like to go away. Just choose and get your bars run

Pain in your body, run Bars

Problems in life,  run Bars

For dreams and hopes to actualize, run Bars

To create anything in life, run Bars

To get freedom from mediocre life, run Bars

To access higher consciousness in life, run Bars

To have more money, run Bars

For more friends and great work, run Bars

To be truly happy, run Bars

To be meditative, run Bars

For freedom from mind chatter, run Bars

To become brighter and intelligent, run Bars

To be access your physic abilities, run Bars

To be more aware, run Bars

To transform your life, run Bars

To transform your body, run Bars

To transform your relationship, run Bars

To be more confident, run Bars

To be more present on stage, run Bars

To create new business, run Bars

To renew existing business/relationships, run Bars

..... the list is endless

Bars are wonderful.  

I am personally amazed by what Bars can create.

Official site

Access Consciousness Bars Info here

Access Bars session on my daughter

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