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Are you ready for 4 Days Of Intense Life Transformation?

What’s The Foundation?

Did you have moment(s) in your life that changed your whole life? yes, did they come to you with ease or with difficulty. Would you like to have many such life changing moments with total ease and would you like your whole life to change? Join foundation class! it has potency to change that for you!

In this advance class from Access, you get many of these life changing moments. We have some awesome advance clearings and tools from Access Consciousness that shatters the old you, you old foundation, your old life. It does destruction of things that have been limiting you for 4 trillion years.

It’s a 4-day intense class, packed with many tools and clearings from the manual and facilitator.

What you learn in the class

Healing body processes: You learn 4 body processes and a way to be at ease with body. 

Dr. Dain’s ESC (energetic syntheses of communion): Experience the magic of Dr Dain's esc.

Tools to change your money reality

Tools to change your relationship reality

Tools to your unlock your own reality

Tools to get free of the entities and the demons

Tools to let go Anger and many other limiting emotions

Tools to let go Karma cycle

and many such pragmatic tools

It touches every area of life, your false beliefs, clears unresolved things from past lives, clears lies that are keeping you captive, limitations that are slowing you down, it unlocks potencies, unlocks creativity. Experience this exciting class in person.

upcoming Foundation classes here

After Foundation class, you get access to other higher Access classes like ESB, 3 Day Body Class & Choice of Possibilities with Dr. Dain & Gary Douglas (founders of Access Consciousness).

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