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Stories of Change
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Nanda, Access Facelift Session Magic

Hello Priya , wanted to let you know the Magic & Miracle that I experienced with Access Energetic Facelift - I had a lump for past 3 months and was not in a right mind to go to doc, tests n treatments, so tried some home remedies but was not successful. Then we started the Facelift swap n I asked for the lump to be off my body n system. I kept checking everyday…. After 3 sessions when I checked it had vanished , I was surprised, happy, confused etc. I thought will come back n kept checking n its all clear 😊. I can’t tell you how relieved I am n all my tension just eased out 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Sabita, Access Bars Session (Just one session)

This is for everyone who constantly experience stress , lack of clarity or are in need of a sign or a gentle push into the right direction ☺️
Please get your bars run and experience the freedom and peace that comes along with it.
The day I met Priya I was in a bad shape mentally and one thing I knew full well is that I will walk out of the doors of Joy Clinic relaxed and ready to take over my challenges. And that’s exactly what happened. Even a few of my childhood traumas were dealt with during the session ( it came as a surprise to me ). I am in a much better mental space now, I took the decision to quit my other wise secure job (the sense of false security the monthly cheques bring ) . Since my session last month I enrolled for a couple of courses that will help me move forward into the direction that I have always wanted to go but didn’t really work consciously on it. 
I feel much more confident , I relax more , I attract more and chase less now. And I really hope my testimony helps someone to make their decision/s. 
Thank you Priya , you are Wonderful and I hope to learn from you soon. GRATITUDE 🙏🏼

Archana, Access Facelift Session 

As an access bars practitioner myself i know how relaxing the sessions can be. However often we forget our body stores memories too. After experiencing face lift a couple of times, a lot of memories were released. And that brought in a lot more peace and ease into my way of living. This was absolutely delightful to experience, the vast amount of spaciousness and nothingness was something spectacular and i haven't experienced it in other modalities. The major change was the identification of my fear of rejection in relationships. And with that awareness, a lot can and will shift for me. So grateful. Thank you Priya 😍

Abhirupa Roy, Access Bars & Foundation

It’s been more than 6 months and I still feel light when I think about that one week.. I am really glad I followed what felt light. The Access Foundation class changed my life. It literally shook my foundation.

Love and Gratitude on your way 🙏🏼😇

Navin, Access Bars

For himself, for one of the tools from Access Bars class & body process class. 

I again did thymus exercise and MTVSS and I m running like a teenager


He has been practicing Access bars on his nephew. Here is what he shared -


When we had started off last Thursday, for the first few days, there was a lot of experience of emotional release. Old memories coming up and releasing and in the end a sense of peace. He also used to feel a lot of body sensations like too much pressure in the head, face burning, and often feeling quite exhausted in the end.

The last 4 days have been very smooth. very rare arousal of emotions that disappear very soon. Throughout the session, the flow of energy is immense but very smooth and gives both of us a sense of peace and trance. He does feel floating and other sensations often. Today the energy flow was quite significant, and he felt a little sort of vibration in his head, but at an emotional level a total sense of calm and peace.

His overall demeanor, including his focus and awareness while playing Padel is just amazing, improving several notches when we go to play next.

Vandana S, Happy Mouth for tooth decay and general mouth health

Received 21 days of Happy Mouth sessions, and here is something that she shared.


Here is what we both observed in her -

Her weight reduced

Her tummy became flatter

Her breath improved, 

She is more committed to her life

Her love for herself increased 

Toxic people walked out of her life. Here is what she had to say on her 11th day.


Navin S, Happy Mouth; Gum recession issues

Just after the first session

Thanks a lot for today's experience, Priya. After a long time, I have eaten food with a totally carefree attitude. It made a huge difference.

After 21 days

Thank you so much for appearing in my life. My last 21 days have totally turned around my life and I am sure it will continue to create miraculous transformations in the future.

Magic, Transformation, and miracles from Sessions and Classes

People who choose to do classes and empower themselves have seen phenomenal improvement in their life. e.g

  • They are able to perceive higher dimensions of self. They get more intuitive, insightful and have abilities that are beyond cognitive normal human abilities. 

  • They find true happiness in their life

  • They are able to change their money situation

  • Or create new ventures or even create a new job 

  • Growth happens in all aspects of their life

  • Most of them are able to find what they want to do in their life

  • Their relationships improve

  • They get out of trapped situations and get creative and often demonstrate higher intelligence 

  • They are able to integrate new skills and abilities with ease.

  • Their well being & health, life, quality of life improves


Some Session Stories

  • Couples who were in a crumbling relationship created clarity & joy for themselves.

  • Kids who were bullied and had confidence issues started being out and talking in front of the crowd.

  • A teenager got creative and active after the session. Earlier he was not able to focus and was unclear about what he wanted to do in his life.

  • A bedridden stroke patient was able to stand up after receiving Access Body healing sessions for alternate days for 2 months.

  • A 14 yr old girl, who had epilepsy from the age of ~10. Received a session for the whole week and got free of it.

  • Someone who had depression took one Access Bars session and he was free from that.

  • Numerous people could free themselves of minor and major pain in their body 

  • People who have received healing sessions have reported drops in their medical test parameters that are usually indicative of unhealthy and diseased bodies. E.g Blood pressure dropped, Cholesterol level became normal, heart rate became normal, UTI got eliminated.

  • Extreme anxiety and sadness due to separation and break-up eased out.

  • These are just some of the stories

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