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Alternate to Education

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BeMe is an open school based in Bangalore, where children direct their own learning. It is an effort to create a stimulating, free, and democratic environment for children aged 2.5-16 years.


The democratic environment helps children speak for themselves, allows them to judge, evaluate different options, and derive their own learning. Voting based decision-making process gives an experience of being in majority as well as minority and learns to manage self in those situations. A free and safe environment gives them space to understand self and remain self.  


Read about the school here -


Do you wish to open a similar school? Or wish to work with your child BeMe way? Here is your chance to do that. 


Join intense training by BeMe core team, Ankur -


For more info on BeMe's Ankur program follow the page or get in touch with me at 9900581075

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