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   Face Yoga
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 Face Yoga?

Priya Alti has been helping people improve their appearance with face yoga for over few years. Her goal is to make people look and feel their best without the use of surgery or injections. This is a natural methods to help people reduce wrinkles, lift and tone their face, and even improve their overall health. Our face yoga techniques are safe and proven to be effective. We also offer guidance on how to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle to promote a healthy, glowing complexion. Join us today and see the amazing results that face yoga can offer!

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What is Face Yoga?

Face yoga involves massage and exercises that stimulate the muscles, skin and lymphatic system. There are about 40+ face muscles, plus neck muscles. When we massage, lift, tightens, and stretch these muscles, they become plump, which tightens and stretches the skin on top thus helping  in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Blood circulation increases thereby providing better nourishment and hydration to the 7 layers of skin

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Reasons for early aging

Stress, unhealthy food habits, life style issues, sleep deprivation, emotional distress, underlying diseases, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, lack of physical activity, sun exposure, losing collagen and elastin, pollution, break down of connective tissue, poor lymphatic flow, weakness of  face muscles, aging related programs, self judgement,  



controlled face muscles, firm neckline, reprogramming of muscles, improvement in TMJ disorder symptoms, symmetrical face, reduction of dark circles, improves confidence, tones face muscles, firmer skin,  positive outlook, calmer mind, improved skin tone, sculpted face, less judgement of the face, overall health improves

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