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Access Consciousness Body Process classes
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My experience with Body Processes happened even before I learned Access Bars. I happened to buy this book “Talk to Animals” by Gary Douglas. The book was nothing & I repeat NOTHING I expected. It was so different from any of the books I had read before. Gary has generously shared a tonne of tools in this book & also examples of how to use them.

Just to have some fun & test if the tools worked, I used it on a small kitten with a deep fracture & it got completely healed in just a 30 mins session, spread over two days. Wherever I was placing my hands, Magic was happening. And I knew it, in that very instant, that even though Access sounded whacky and weird, it works. No one could stop me post that NOT EVEN ME MYSELF.

I teach these body processes now. Some of them are: 

  • 90% Brain Capacity and Function

  • Activation and Actualization of Total Immunity to The Sickness Of Mankind

  • Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation

  • Antalgic Shadows

  • Antibodies To Consciousness

  • Bio Mimetic and Bio Mimetric Mimicry of Other People's Pains, Pathways and Realities

  • Cellular Memory

  • Circuitry

  • Compensatory Drift

  • Correcting Vision

  • De-molecular Manifestation and Molecular De-manifestation

  • E&E of Demon Infested Organs and Restoration of Life Inducing Possibilities

  • E&E of Specific Gravities

  • E&E of the Allergic Solidification of Reality Responses of Disagreement and Curses

  • E&E of the Physical Actualization of Catalytic Plastination

  • E&E of the Source Fields for the Radioactive Inception of Deaths

  • Elimination and Eradication of the Microbiotic Desertification of Dermis and the Actualization of the Microbiotic Generative Dermis for Body and Earth A4

  • Elimination and Eradication of all the Orders of Schematics Locked in Your Body

  • Elimination and Eradication of the Order Points Locked into Your Body and Your Life

  • Embodiment Of and As Space

  • Eradication and Dilution of all Emotional Intensities and Restoration of the Joy of Embodiment

  • Erasure of all Manufactured Feelings of Embodiment

  • Everything Is the Opposite of What It Appears To Be and Nothing Is the Opposite of What It Appears To Be and The Elimination and Eradication of The Sickness Of Mankind

  • Exit Stage Left

  • Invocation of Anger Embodied

  • Invocation of Blindness

  • Invocation of Deafness

  • Invocation of Death

  • Lymphatic Glandular Incongruities and Inconsistencies

  • Magnetic Attraction to the Repulsion of All Generative Sexual Energies and Restoration of All Generative Sexual Energies Embodied

  • Meso-muscular Embodiment and Elimination and Eradication of Human DNA


  • Positional HEPADS

  • Reciprocating Dimensionalities

  • Restoration of Communion with Earth

  • Restoration of Hyperventilation

  • Restoration of Immunocytosis

  • Restoration of Impregnation

  • Restoration of Infinite Flexibility

  • Restoration of Structural Integrity and Function

  • Restoration of the Intensity of Space of Embodiment and The Energizing of Joy of Embodiment

  • Restoration of Vitality of Nerve Generation

  • Restructuring of Genetically Modified Macular Creation that Creates Degenerative Blindness

  • Source Field for E&E of the Chromatics of Time

  • Source Field for Elimination and Eradication of Toxic Amalgams

  • Source Field for the E&E of Genetically Impelled Diseases

  • Square Root of Minus One

  • Technically and Mechanically-Induced Parallactic Paralyzation

  • The Actualization of Functional Body Balance

  • The Bioenergetic Actualization of all the Elements for the Reversal of Aging and Olding and the Creation of Continuous Growth into Indefinite Living

  • The Erasure of all Fat Cells Dedicated to all Mobius Strips to Lock in Feelings as the Permanent Source for Invalidation of Being

  • The Invocation of the Stupidity of Sexuality

  • Trifold Sequencing Systems of Drug Induced Scenarios, Perfectionism, and Insanity

  • Trifold Sequencing Systems

  • Zero Sum of Trauma

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