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Generative Energetic Dentistry

Introduction & Basics Classes with Priya Alti 

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Happy Mouth

What is Happy Mouth™? 

Dr Tom says you can consciously REGROW missing teeth, resolve gum tissue, and build bone structures! 

It is possible to have plaque and calculus NOT buildup on your teeth!

Modern dentistry says those things are impossible - is that the truth, or is it a big fat lie?


This and more is parts of 3 day advance Happy Mouth class by Dr Tom and Shauna Teaken 

Class info at or

If you would like to take up Happy Mouth basics class. Read below.







Intros & Basics Classes

Priya Alti is a licensed facilitator to teach Happy Mouth™ Tasters (Intros) & Basics Classes

Happy Mouth Basics class is where participants can learn 6 out of 17 Happy Mouth activation points. These points are used for issues related to Tooth Decay, & Gum Disease. 

In this class (3.5 hours), you learn about basic reasons behind gum and tooth decay and receive Happy Mouth clearings for them, you learn how to do a session, activate points, and use the Happy Mouth clearing statement. Points covered in this class are mainly related to gum health and tooth decay – the most common dental health problems for most people. 

What do you get in the class? 

Manual with charts for activation points!

You become a certified practitioner and can give sessions to friends, family & clients too

The Basics Class cost is $270USD. Check with Priya Alti for the conversion to your currency. 

These classes are being offered live now! 

Connect with Priya Alti for the next Intro and Basics Class in your city.

Priya Alti also offers 1-1 sessions based on all of the processes taught in 3 day Happy Mouth™ class.

If you choose to a 3-day full class with Dr. Tom or Shauna Teaken, fee that you paid for the basics class will be refunded back to you. How does it get better than that? /

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