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Akashic Records

What are Akashic records?

Akash means boundless space and this space holds information about our life events.  It is our book of life, about events, lessons learnt, experience gained, unfinished tasks and other things. 

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Why you should access Akashic records?

For guidance and additional information that will help us have  clarity and healing from divine forces. Akashic Records are energetic library of information uncovering details of ur soul journey. The purpose of Akashic records is to improve your current lifetime & to clear karmic debts!


What questions can I ask?

You may ask anything that you are seeking guidance for. Question should be open ended, no should I or could I questions pls.

Sample questions are given below

What am I here for?

Why do I have problems in my relationship?

What is blocking my money flow?

What type of business can I do?

What lessons do I need to learn here?

Where should I put my focus on?

What am I here to experience?

What is this person teaching me in my life?



How does it help?

For light workers, Akashic records can serve as a guidance tool for their ascension journey. Journey to the greater self is assisted by guidance and healing from spirit guides, ancestors and ascended masters and Akashic reading is a great way to heal and get guidance.

In general too, akashic records are useful.  Guidance and clarity from Akash is a great way to change the course of what seems like not working in our life. 

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