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One on One sessions


There are many reason why people choose these sessions.

Mostly when they want to address a particular issue one on one with me.  

  • to build self-esteem, confidence

  • Public speaking skills

  • increase creativity, focus, and out create stagnation

  • get out of laziness and procrastination

  • to eliminate pain, lack of immunity, body healing of any kind.

  •  to beat depressions, suicidal thoughts, lack interest in life

  • end the mind chatter, lack of sleep, occurrence bad dreams,

  • eradicate repetitive thoughts in mind

  • stop anxiety and panic attack

  • Dental health Re-grow new set of teeth

  • or regrow part of the tooth

  • get rid of bad breath,

  • reduce plaque collection,

  • heal cavities, pain and sensitivity

  • Freedom from suppressed anger,

  • to be free of over sensitiveness, hurts,

  • to be free from post traumatic disorders

  • e.g loss, breakups, sadness, and grief

  • Eliminate Fear & Phobia


    to have ease in Marriage, Relationship issues

  • Job possibilities

  • House, office energy cleansing 

  • For greater business growth

  • Animal healing & communication with them

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