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Access Energetic Facelift

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Opening up a possibility for you, to look and feel younger WITHOUT injecting Botox, acupuncture needles, surgery, toxic chemicals, or torturing your body.


not just for your face! but your entire body.

Access Consciousness offers a wonder tool called Access Energetic Facelift™, Access Facelift is gentler, kinder and easier on you and your body. It not only reverses signs of aging from your face, but your entire body goes through transformation. It also brings changes at the energy levels and outlook towards life.

How it is done?

It is touch based. A gentle caring touch is combined with power of Access Facelift energies. These energies work at the cellular level to undo the damage that cells are subjected to. It also works on judgements body is subjected to. As a result of that body is repaired, renewed at the cellular level. A body that is free of

stuck energies and judgements glows differently, is healthier, youthful naturally, looks lighter, & be different.


It works for all ages, at every age we have age related issues. E.g teenagers have acne, mood swings, 30-40 years old thinks his/her body is aging and so on. Access facelift works on the core programs that creates age related issues in the body.

The Access Energetic Facelift has been
reported to improve:
• The light & luminosity of the face
• Elasticity of the skin
• Clarity of the eyes
• Glow in the hair
• Lifting of breasts and buttocks
• Improved energy
• Increased relaxation

What Next?

You can either receive sessions from the certified practitioners across the world or learn it yourself and keep practicing it life long for greater effects and transformation. 

Gary Douglas suggest minimum of 20 sessions for you to have any permanent change.

You can learn in a one day class, which includes practical sessions. After the class you may join more such practical sessions to strengthen your confidence :).  

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