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Access Consciousness Short classes
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What an Access class and Access tools can change in you is totally out of the world. Something every individual should experience. Not to be missed. These classes and tools changed my life by 360 degrees.


Access Consciousness is a set of tools that actually work and are life-changing.

These tools are extremely popular around the world as they create change that no other tools in the world do. E.g enormous, gigantic changes in people’s realities. There is no limit to what you can have with these tools. More info here

I now conduct these beautiful, empowering, life-changing, reality shattering workshops by Access, as an Internationally Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. One of my clients joked the other day that Access Classes are like Happiness Factories literally. I couldn’t agree more. These are the few workshops that may interest you. 

  • Access Bars

  • Access Foundation

  • Access Body Processes

  • Access Facelift

  • Money workshops 

  • And a few other dozen workshops on a variety of life-changing topics

Access Body Processes

My experience with Body Processes happened even before I learned Access Bars. I happened to buy this book “Talk to Animals” by Gary Douglas. The book was nothing & I repeat NOTHING I expected. It was so different from any of the books I had read before. Gary has generously shared a tonne of tools in this book & also examples of how to use them.

Just to have some fun & test if the tools worked, I used it on a small kitten with a deep fracture & it got completely healed in just a 30 mins session, spread over two days. Wherever I was placing my hands, Magic was happening. And I knew it, in that very instant, that even though Access sounded whacky and weird, it works. No one could stop me post that NOT EVEN ME MYSELF.

I teach these body processes now. Some of them are: 

  • MTVSS -builds immunity and cures anything under the sun (prevents corona too)

  • Zero Sum of Trauma

  • Vision Correction

  • Erasure of FAT cells

  • Erasure of Emotional Intensities

  • around 40 + more 

Access Energetic Facelift

Now, this one’s for YOU, my friend. In fact, it’s for everyone. Not only it gives you a younger and youthful look it also heals the body from within.

A lot of people look and be younger without any chemicals, needles, botox, and surgery. Look younger. Look good. All naturally.

Other Access Specialty Classes

If you’d like to deep dive into some areas of your life, we have independent 4-hour workshops for it. In which, you’ll get to experience some of the magical Access Tools & their usage to clear tonnes of blockages in specific areas of your life for example:

Abuse etc

How to become a money workbook



No one is free from money issues, not even the richest ones. How to get a free flow of money?  How to be abundant? How to be money worry-free? Pragmatic approaches and transformation happen in this workshop. 

Divorceless Relationship



Learn tools and techniques to have an awesome relationship.

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