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Updated: May 14, 2021

Heard the phrase ‘Known enemy is better than an unknown friend’

For a long time I thought, that was ok and right. Little did I know I was keeping myself limited with that.

Walk through that door

  • You will discover something new

  • Unknown is not always dangerous

  • The limitations you have used to not walk out of that door have got you nowhere so far. Throw that away and walk out.

  • If so far you created your life, you can create beyond the door too. Trust yourself.

  • You will get to know what is right about you!

  • It is going to be better than what it is now. If you ask, How does it get any better?

  • You could finally be happy in a true sense.

  • You could have ease with money.

  • You will have infinite possibilities to create your life and you have infinite capacity to create money. Just ask what else is possible?

  • You will be you!

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