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Look Back..

Look back! Take a moment and look back.

Normally, I don't suggest that. However I am suggesting this so that we can bring some awareness to the present. Look at you as a very young child. That child, desired to have everything in the world and knew that it could have it all too. Child didn’t even have a pinch of doubt about it.

Come to the present. Where is your life right now? Are you having less than 10% of that in your life? Yes.

Well mostly that is the result of limitations we create based on what we think is possible and what is available? Our own thoughts limit us, nothing else.

Are you happy about it or you would like to have more? Why have more?

It is a choice that you have. Maybe in the process of having more you may just become all of you and change the world.

Now that you are aware of and if I tell you that you have the option to erase everything that is coming in your way, would you choose it?

Access Bars: Erase your limitations

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