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Enjoy your mistakes!

When I look outside the window of my 2nd floor clinic in Jeevan Bhima Nagar, I see people. Different kinds of people. That is the only spot I have where I am able to just observe people in Covid-19 times. They all look very serious from where I see.

When I look at my family and other people around me it is the same vibe I get from them. Question: Why are we so serious about life? I mean look how serious we are about ourselves. One mistake we make and that spoils anywhere between 1 min to 1 yr or even a decade and in some cases even longer. Maybe a lifetime or lifetimes. Shouldn’t we be ok with mistakes. Life includes everything the good, the bad the ugly. I realized that although I am not ok with mistakes and I have made peace with that I got to turn up the game and have fun with that. Here is how my week showed up! Here are some of my mistakes! You can enjoy them too

How did I fare with others' mistakes?

  • Daughter left towel on the closed toilet lid. I choose to say something other than my usual commentary

    • 'Hey, look I found a towel for wiping the toilet seat and I need a small toilet brush now..hope that yellow tooth brush is not yours dear ;) '

  • Made burnt rice and bland curry.. Didn’t justify or blame others and explained why it happened! Instead I just said

    • Looks like tonight's dinner is on me. Who wants to eat pizza and ice cream?

  • Someone called and asked for a session at 12:00 midnight. My response

    • 'Hi, Appreciate your trust in me. However I am just about begin my conference meeting with the ghosts so sorry can't give you appointment'

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