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Meditate and Nurture the Earth

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

A joyful person spreads creation around them!

An angry person destructs!

The biggest destructors of the world are the insanities arising from human emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Our thoughts not only affect our lives, bodies but they also affect everything around us. Humanity and the planet are currently under threat because a large number of us are living unconsciously. What limits our consciousness ? Our significant thoughts, emotions and feelings ? These are not only responsible for unconscious choices that we are making but they also destroy or affect everything around us energetically. Many scientists have conducted extensive studies to prove the effect of human thoughts, emotions and feelings on various molecules around us. Search for Dr Emoto’s water experiment on the internet.

If that is true, just look at what are the predominant things in the world ? Hatred, anger and lack ! World is infested with that and unless the majority of us choose to be conscious we will not see any major change in the world.

What does it take to be conscious? Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness has put it very simply. He said, ‘it is an ability to be present to all the thoughts, feelings and emotions and having no judgements of self and others.’ Being conscious also means being in a constant state of possibility. Read the

In recent years I am seeing a large number of people are choosing to be meditators and yoga practitioners. That is definitely a way forward and obviously we have got to grow more. I have also seen phenomenal results with people who practice Access Bars and other tools of Access Consciousness. Whatever works for you please choose that. The earth and the world are looking forward to your contribution.

Thank you!

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