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Bored in your Job

Are you bored in your job and are you making yourself wrong for feeling that? You may be thinking, look everyone else is cool with there's, why can't I do it with ease?

Let me tell you that their is nothing wrong about feeling bored and their is nothing wrong with you. I did the same to myself and it doesn't really work. That is why my request to you is to stop the self abuse that you are doing right there right now.

When I was working in IT sector and when I was bored in my job, I always thought something was wrong about me. I saw many others in the similar situation and thought that I am wrong like they are. I was too harsh on myself to even acknowledge that that wasn't about me, instead it was time for new possibilities. Let me tell you that it wasn't very easy phase of my life. Years later when I came across Access Consciousness tools, I found these amazing way to transform things with ease and I wish I had them back then. Here are few of them, questions that you may play with "what is right about me? and what is right about this that I am not getting? what else is possible here?" instead of what is wrong about this? and what is wrong about me ? These questions are awesome and you may ask them again and again till you get some insights or possibilities open up. May be you will find something exciting that you can do with your life. May be you will find something different about your current job. May be your life will undergo major transformation.

Any which way it is going to get better that what it is. Ask questions that open possibilities for you and never conclude or get stuck to an answer. Just be the question.

For more. Join any Access consciousness class and enjoy the transformation with ease.

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