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I misunderstood what true commitment is for a long time. True commitment is not about being a workaholic. True commitment is not for others, certain situations or things. Highly committed people are rare quality people and are awesome people to hang out with, work or have a relationship with.

Some of the signs of committed people

  • You see them 100% involved in whatever they do.

  • They don’t have time to complain or procrastinate things.

  • They go beyond all limitations.

  • They won’t judge others or get affected by others judgement.

  • Limiting emotions or limiting thoughts are not their thing.

  • They respect what they do and who they are with.

  • You can trust them

  • They face up to their mistakes

  • They are grateful to everything and everyone around them.

  • Lazy employees hate them

  • They are the ones who call you at odd times

  • You seriously wish they would take a break but they don’t.

  • They are so good that you start fearing for your own job. Although they don’t do it.

Some misconception about them

  • Committed people are committed to the work because they like it.

  • They are committed to their life and themselves. That means they are committed to everything that is required/needed. They do what they do with absolute involvement. Even if they are making a cup of tea they are absolutely involved in that. Liking and disliking is the way people choose not to be 100% present.

  • Motivation or some kind of reward can get people to commit.

  • Nein (No in German language) Commitment comes from within; it doesn’t come from outside. These methods may create temporary results but in the long run it doesn’t matter.

  • If I mistreat them that will not deter their commitment

  • Na (No in Hindi language). One of the qualities of them is that they treat themselves with a lot of respect and anything that disturbs it, they might just dasvidaniya (goodbye in Russian) or demand it to be changed

  • Committed people stick around

  • Nahi (no in Marathi language). They stay as long as it makes sense to them. They do their best till their last day and then they are committed to something else

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