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Just a 10th pass boy..

A K Usmani, a 22 year old who got featured in international news as “Spiderman of Bangalore”, for his exceptionally courageous and fearless act to rescue animals stuck in difficult places and in life threatening situations has an exceptional future ahead of him. He is a paramedic at Cessna Lifeline Bangalore and with this 9-5 job he also manages his rescue and foster care work for his four legged friends and winged ones too. On weekends he leads teams to green areas and mountains for trekking and hiking. He is also an Access Consciousness healer at Joy clinic, trustee of the Green Army Force and co-founder/director of Paws and Possibilities (NGO). He is also part of the Civil defense team and helps the government regularly in times of crises (e.g covid-19, curfew etc). Recently I was looking for someone to do landscaping of my garden and asked him if he knows anyone, to my surprise he said, ‘I will do it, I am starting this business too’. I was surprised by his answer and I got even more surprised when he came the next day and did the job so very well.

He lives his life with such fervour that nothing that he sets to do stays impossible. He is quite unlike most boys of his age, who are mostly looking at how to get a regular job, get settled in life and be normal. His conversations with me are about what we can create and how we can change things in the world. What does he exhibit that is different from others? What makes him so successful ?

  • He is fearless. He knows how to succeed.

  • He has a kind heart much like that of a dog and alert & flexible like that of a cat

  • He knows how to open new doors of opportunities

  • He learns from everyone. E.g he learned about gardening from a roadside plant vendor

  • When is into something he is totally involved

  • He engages with people

  • He knows how to be like a cat and save energy

  • He also knows how to be like a dog. Always energetic

  • He isn’t waiting for him to be perfect to do something.

  • It is ok for him to look stupid sometimes

  • He shows up as himself all the time. No hiding and no pretense and he doesn’t react if you judge him.

  • He doesn’t mistreat others and neither does he allow others to mistreat him

  • He doesn’t say NO when he can say YES and doesn’t say YES when he wants to say NO.

  • He doesn’t have judgement about himself and the kind of work that he gets involved in.

I meet a lot of people who have money problems, who constantly complain about how things aren’t working for them and how the economy or job or some other excuses that totally justifies why they are such a failure. Usmani’s reality is 360 degree opposite of theirs, he has multiple jobs, own NGO company, no money problem, he is constantly doing something interesting, he is the source of joy and ease, he is the architect of possibilities and he is 10th pass, still, he is such a live example of how education happens everywhere and one doesn’t always need to have degrees to be successful in life.

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